What we do

What we do

We provide hands-on coaching of students on how to effectively prepare and excel in their professional examinations. We pay particular attention to subject / courses that are seemingly complex and difficult, allay students’ fears and build their confidence to succeed at first attempt.

We deliver through well – qualified and experienced management team and lecturers / faculty members, who have identified the key requirements to excel in any professional examination. Our Lecture Plan for each Diet is carefully designed to facilitate adequate syllabus coverage, practical and participatory learning atmosphere, and regular interaction between management, lecturers and students.

The learning environment of our centre is very conducive, and we employ modern teaching aids to impact knowledge.

We run two diets (streams) per year for all levels of the professional examinations, and the courses we offer include the following:





International Recognition
Fixed Heart International Coaching Centre has been recognised by The International Accreditation Organisation (IAO) in the USA

CIBN Lectures
CIBN lectures for Oct 2014 diet has commenced. Register now!

CIBN Examination
CIBN Oct. 2014 diet examination starts Tuesday Oct.14, 2014

CIPM Examination
CIPM Aug.2014 diet examination starts Thursday, Aug.21, 2014

CIPM Conference
CIPM 46th Annual National Conference on Oct.14-16, 2014. Visit CIPM's website for more info.

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