Our progress

Our Progress

FHICC has been operating for the past 6 years and has prepared students for close to fourteen diets of professional examinations. Starting with less than ten students, we have experienced over 500% growth in student number. We have overcome the initial take-off challenges of a start-up and we are positioned to move to the next level of our growth through well-defined business, marketing and product development strategies. The pass rate of our students is currently over 80%, an attraction for more students in the future.

Strategic Focus

Strategic Focus

Considering the feat we have attained and the challenges we have overcome in the post years, we look forward to adding on more local and foreign professional institutions in current and subsequent years. We also look forward to develop our facilities through investor funding, and gain international recognition for providing quality education.

We intend to differentiate our centre from competition by introducing modern training / teaching aids, multimedia and visual aids which are uncommon in the Nigeria training centres.


International Recognition
Fixed Heart International Coaching Centre has been recognised by The International Accreditation Organisation (IAO) in the USA

CIBN Lectures
CIBN lectures for Oct 2014 diet has commenced. Register now!

CIBN Examination
CIBN Oct. 2014 diet examination starts Tuesday Oct.14, 2014

CIPM Examination
CIPM Aug.2014 diet examination starts Thursday, Aug.21, 2014

CIPM Conference
CIPM 46th Annual National Conference on Oct.14-16, 2014. Visit CIPM's website for more info.

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